Green Initiatives

At our resorts we have completed an intensive environmental review process and have developed programs, both in our guest offerings and our operational systems, that show our respect for the environment and commitment to environmentally friendly operation.

So far, we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Improved information systems to reduce paper and expanded our paper recycling efforts
  • Included reduction in internal illumination and increased recycling in leadership training
  • Minimized use of bottled water in administrative offices by switching to centralized service
  • Switched to environmentally friendly laundry and dry cleaning processes using biodegradable products with less water
  • Increased use of biodegradable cleaners throughout the resorts
  • Increased purchases of products made from recycled material
  • Developed new processes in food and beverage departments to minimize use of water in defrosting
  • Increased recycling of horticultural waste by composting
  • Increased retail offerings of sustainable specialty foods, eco-fashion items and organic health and beauty products

Wynn’s green initiatives have resulted in measurable improvements in energy consumption, emissions, water use, waste generation and recycling over the years.

Newsweek Green Rankings 2015